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Hello, we are outsourcing now.

Saravana Print System (aka) SAPSY. This is one stop design studio to meet your printing requirements. This is the place where all your needs are fulfilled with perfect and timely delivery.

Currently We are Outsourcing!

No Tedious Work, Just typing:

    1. Type in MS-Word only running text.
    2. A4 Paper Size, Portrait - All four sides 1cm margin.
    3. 12 pt size.
    4. Single line spacing. No Indent
    5. While sending the files please send the fonts too.
    6. No. of days to complete this file.
    7. Payment will be credited in your given bank account upon your submission of completed book.
    8. If there are any corrections, you will be notified. For this correction we don't pay anything. Please take care during typing.
    9. You will be notified, if there are any new instructions required.
    10. Extra Bonus amount will be given for clean typesetters. 5% amount will be given from the earned money at the end of this project.

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